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Download from AppStore 東方互動 - 電子報會員版 由首創把整份報章原貌上網的東方報業集團, 再以嶄新技術推出, 包括《東方日報電子報》及《太陽報電子報》; 無論是新聞內容, 還是廣告客戶提供的消費資訊, 均一覽無遺。讀者可透過, iPhone/iPad 揭閱,有如手握印刷版報章,既是尖端科技產品,亦保留傳統閱讀樂趣,為流動電子媒體奠下革命性新典範。

《東方日報電子報》及《太陽報電子報》無遠弗屆,不受天氣、時差,及地域阻隔。無論讀者身處世界任何一個角落, 只要用 iPhone/iPad, 即可與香港讀者閱讀掌握全球時事資訊脈搏。 ePaper, from the Oriental Press Group which has been the first to upload the printed paper, using the latest technology, whether news or consumer information provided by advertisers, you can read Oriental Daily News ePaper and The Sun ePaper onto the iPhone/iPad App. Although a high-tech invention, the flippable ePapers retain the familiarity of traditional reading and set themselves up the new model for mobile media.

Readily accessible in all weather conditions, time zones and geographical locations, iPhone/iPad reaches out simultaneously to readers from every corner of the world and locally in Hong Kong alike with the Oriental Press Group News and keeps them informed of global happenings.