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Easy to play but difficult to work out (without help).

What are the rules?
The aim of the game is to decipher famous quotes with one simple rule: “each number corresponds to a specific letter”.
Choose a number on the encrypted grid and all the squares with the same number will be highlighted. Pick the letter you think is correct from the keyboard. That letter will be inserted in all the squares with the same number.

Continue until all the numbers have been used up. At that point, if you have made no mistakes, you will have revealed the phrase and receive you ability result.

If nothing happens after all the letters have been inserted, it means it’s wrong. You will have to understand where you made a mistake from the sense of the sentence. Select the letters you think are wrong and change them accordingly.

If you are really stuck, you can ask for help by choosing a square of the sentence to decipher and then pressing “?”. The right letter to be inserted will be suggested. Remember that the fewer hints you ask for, the better your ability score will be. You only have 5 hints, and anyway you don’t want it to be a piece of cake.

If deciphering is right up your street, try to rack your brain without asking for help. You’ll see it will be tough going…but you’ll enjoy it!

You’re an ace: you deciphered the sentence without using any hints!
Great: sentence deciphered with only one hint
Good: you deciphered the sentence using only 2 hints
Poor: you deciphered the sentence, but you had to use 3 hints
Pretty bad: you needed four hints to decipher the sentence
Really bad: to decipher the sentence you used all the 5 hints