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The allure of Perpetual Motion is undeniable. Machines that work forever and consume no resources. It is easy to understand why so many people have thrown away their time and fortunes in their pursuit.

"This app was initially intended as a less-than-honorable homage to my brother who invested over one thousand dollars in a perpetual motion design. But the more I learned about the designs and the people behind them, the more I wanted to get a hammer and some bearings and join the annals of history."
- Nick Carter, IFting

* Let the machines do their thing as the coolest screensaver. Because we are all tired of fish tanks.
* Switch Perpetuum mode on and off. See how the machines really function, and how the engineers had hoped that they would function.
* It's Weihnachten. That's how you say Christmas in Germany. Celebrate Weihnachten with the festive Weihnachten themed machine. This one is all about setting the mood and nothing about physics.
* New designs will be added regularly. We use the word "new" lightly, as these designs span the last thousand years. But they are destined to give you a reason to leave your iPad out on the desk.