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Locabulary Pro

iPhone / iPad
  • Education
  • Medical
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lo-cab-u-lar-y |lōˈkabyəˌlerē| noun, 1. an app which combines location and vocabulary to produce efficient communication

- he used locabulary to order his coffee
- locabulary allowed her to say “hello”
- he expressed his mood using locabulary
- she asked for help using locabulary

ORIGIN early 21st cent. (denoting a list of words or phrases for communication): from medieval Latin locabularius, from the Latin locabulum.

Pro lprōˈl - bigger and better.

Developed from the concept that everyone should have a voice, Locabulary is a groundbreaking communication app designed for users of all types for the iPhone and iPod Touch. The intuitive interface uses the iPhone to communicate words, phrases, and sentences. Locabulary can be used for fun, everyday correspondence, teaching, or as a vital communication device for individuals who have difficulty speaking due to autism, brain injury, stroke, laryngeal cancer, or other conditions that affect speech.

Locabulary can be used as a small, compact, and convenient alternative to bulky augmentative and alternative communication devices.


Eight new High Quality Voices! These voices are much improved over the older technology used in Locabulary Lite and are much easier to understand.

Image Thumbnails - Tag categories and phrases with images from your iPhoto Library or use the camera.

Recorded Audio - Record your own audio files and tag them to any of your phrases.

Backwards Compatibility - Download Locabulary Lite phrases backed up on the Locabulary server.

Location Presets - allows you to create presets for points of interest that can then be linked to a category or bank of phrases. For instance, create a "Home" location preset and link phrase categories that you use at home... create a "Work" location preset and link those phrase categories that you use at work.

Business Name Locations - Use this feature for phrases that are used at multiple business locations of the same name, or "chains", like restaurants, grocery stores, etc.

Remote File Storage and Sharing - allows you to backup and save all your phrase categories to a remote Locabulary server. You can either make them private which prevents others from seeing or downloading them, or make them public and share with the Locabulary community. Browse Public Phrases and download a menu from your favorite restaurant!

Abbreviations - are just like abbreviations that you use in text messaging only these abbreviations are spoken in plain text. For instance, create a "cul" abbreviation with "See you later" and wherever "cul" is typed on the keyboard, "See you later" is spoken.

Geo-Tagged Phrase Categories - Create Location Presets and use them in your Category Settings to pull up phrases that you use by location. Your Geo-tagged phrases in range will appear on the Nearby Tab, keeping your phrase lists shorter and easier to quickly access!

Community - get involved in the Locabulary community. Share tips, tricks and advice with Twitter, Facebook or the Locabulary Community Support Site!

Check out and learn how to use the new features!