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Math Ops

iPhone / iPad
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An addictive game of mental math, Math Ops requires a quick hand and quicker mind. Traditional calculations involve being given a list of numbers and specific operations to perform. With this app, you are given the numbers, but you have to determine the correct operations (choosing between + - x) to solve the puzzles. This game adheres to the standard order of operations: multiplication before addition or subtraction, and addition and subtraction is performed left to right.

This game has two modes: Zen and Classic. Start with the Zen mode to practice solving the problems. There is no time constraint and no limit to the number of problems that you can solve. Track your performance (the number of problems you answer correctly, the number of problems you have tried to solve, and your longest streak).

Classic mode is more competitive. Start with 60 seconds on the clock. If you solve your first puzzle correctly within that time frame, a new problem is presented and you are given 55 seconds to solve this new problem. Each time you answer a question correctly, you have 5 seconds less to solve the next problem. If you answer a question incorrectly, you gain 2 seconds on the clock. The maximum amount of time for a problem is 60 seconds, and the minimum amount of time is 3 seconds. Points are earned based on how quickly you can answer a question correctly...solve a problem faster to earn more points. The game ends when either 15 questions are answered incorrectly, or 5 questions in a row are answered incorrectly. In Classic mode, you can connect to the Game Center and earn achievements based on your score or your streak. The leaderboard lets you and your friends compare high scores.

Navigation from one of the games or the stats page back to the main screen is via a single swipe (to left or the right).

The iPad version of this app will include more operations and longer strings of numbers (with various levels).