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This app was conceived to overcome the sometimes inaccurate and always judgmental BMI measurement method.
The calculations used try to take account of the athlete as well as us mere mortals.
Tests have shown that it works remarkably well and we hope you find it of use.
As usual with this type of app the results should not be used to change your diet or exercise habits until you have consulted a health care professional.

BMI delivers an approximation of ideal healthy weights but takes no account of frame-size or muscle-mass; the time-aged phrase of being "too short for your weight" could have more than a drop of truth.

BMI suffers from a lack of scale!
You can remain in the 'overweight' category for a long time, despite shedding significant weight. You can spend less time in the wrong category once you start using the right tools.
A fit healthy professional weight-lifter of below average height cannot get a good reading from BMI. Muscle is denser and heavier than fat.
BMI lists these ultra-fit athletes as 'obese'.

Beyond BMI takes advantage of recent research to overcome the dated approximations of the BMI formula. This miracle is achieved by using frame size to calculate your 'lean weight'. Subtract this 'lean weight' from your actual weight and you can instantly approximate the amount of fat you carry.

In our app your height is not used in the calculations. Tests show the Beyond BMI method to be accurate within 2% of reality.

Of course, as with BMI, this app cannot predict how 'fit' you are, however during the process of optimising fat levels through increased activity, your body fat is often replaced with increased muscle mass. You may not be lighter but you will almost certainly be healthier and your readings will show it! Forget BMI; it's so last century.