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FingerMath Chisenbop

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Wrap your head around FingerMath Chisenbop, the astonishing educational game where you find out how to become a human abacus! Do you believe your fingers can out perform a calculator in both speed and accuracy? It's an amazing thing to count to 99 and do complex addition and subtraction with just 10 fingers. And just as you're getting smarter, FingerMath challenges your brain and dexterity with increasing difficultly.

FingerMath, a unique educational game that fascinates kids and adults alike. Only iPad's multi-touch interface makes this remarkable game possible.

• Saves up to 5 players
• 60 increasingly challenging levels
• 10 touch points on the iPad - hold your fingers down to have them counted
• Counting, addition, subtraction

FingerMath uses an abacus-like finger counting method called “Chisenbop.” With this method it is possible to display all numbers from 0 to 99 with both hands. FingerMath works on the iPad by detecting the “touch” position of all 10 fingers. The fingers are pressed onto the iPad to indicate value.


Turn off your iPad Settings > "Multitasking Gestures"

FingerMath uses up to 10 touch areas during game play. Go to your iPad "Settings" and turn off "Multitasking Gestures" to prevent conflicts with the system gestures (such as "pinch" and "swipe").