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Memoriser Lite

iPhone / iPad
  • Sports
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Dressage Memoriser Lite helps you learn and remember ANY dressage test.

First you "record" the dressage test as part of the learning process, by drawing the dressage test pattern onto the screen. The app then helps you revise the dressage test and will highlight if you go off track.

No more "trotting" around the living room the night before a competition!

-Simple intuitive, clean interface to aid learning
-20x40 arenas
-Can be used to learn any dressage test (text of the test NOT supplied)
- Record and revise transitions including unique "lift" (default) and "pause" transition option for maximum fluency when revising
-Save recorded dressage test for use again and again
-iOS4 and iOS5 tested
- Supported by adverts

Riding a dressage test is mostly a RIGHT-BRAIN activity associated with feeling, spatial awareness etc. However, a dressage test itself is a written, sequenced list of movements and markers - a largely LEFT-BRAIN process. To memorise something effectively you need to engage both sides of the brain. It also helps to have physical memory (the movement of your hand in drawing the test) and visual cues (the pattern you draw.) The Dressage Memoriser app helps engage both sides of the brain when learning, ensuring that you easily remember the dressage test and that you have the "brain space" to concentrate on riding your horse effectively during the test itself.

An advert free version of Dressage Memoriser is available in the app store. This also includes the option of 20x60 arenas and the ability to save and load multiple Dressage Tests.