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Sticker Shock

iPhone / iPad
  • Finance
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Sticker Shock is a price tracking app that lets you see how inflation affects you, personally. Unlike the Consumer Price Index, which reflects cost of living changes for the average consumer, Sticker Shock tracks your actual purchases so you can see exactly what impact inflation is having on your finances. Think of it as your Personal Price Index, designed just for you and your spending habits.


Have you ever picked up an item from a store shelf and been shocked at the price? Was it always this expensive? What did it used to cost? If you're like most people, you just can't remember. To make matters worse, many manufacturers attempt to hide price increases by shrinking the package size. So even when prices appear stable, they're not!


The Consumer Price Index (CPI) does a fine job tracking cost of living changes for the "average consumer". But let's face it, who exactly is average? A person's consumption patterns can vary considerably from the assumptions used in the CPI, which is one reason few people believe the CPI accurately reflects their own experiences with inflation.


With Sticker Shock, you'll always know exactly how price inflation is affecting you. By tracking your own purchases you'll learn not just the inflation rates of each item, but the overall inflation rate of all items combined. Rather than reflecting the average experience, this Personal Price Index is based exclusively on your costs, and reflects your experience alone.

The app comes pre-loaded with a few commonly purchased items to get you started. Delete any you don't use, enter whatever products you wish to track, and start recording the prices you're paying. Whenever you make a purchase, simply tap in the new price, and let Sticker Shock keep you informed. You'll watch the price fluctuations, over time, of everything from soup to nuts, and gas prices to pizza prices. The more items you track, the more representative your Personal Price Index will be of the actual inflation you're experiencing in your own life, based on all the things you actually buy.


Frustrated with your rapidly expanding grocery bill? Pain at the pump forcing hard choices in other areas of your budget? Don't keep it to yourself! Share your latest prices and inflation rates on Facebook and Twitter right from the app. You'll get a conversation going and maybe even help raise awareness of how rising food and energy costs are personally impacting people across the country.


- Attractive and intuitive user interface

- Beautiful graphs, complete with larger landscape views

- Record new prices in seconds with just a couple taps

- View inflation rates over various timeframes

- View inflation rates by category
- Weight items in Personal Price Index by total consumption
- Track unit prices to outsmart package size reductions
- Share prices and inflation rates on Facebook and Twitter

- Explore app on first run with sample items and prices

Whether you want to see how your personal inflation rate may differ from the norm, or you just want a more in-depth picture of how your daily life is affected by inflation, download Sticker Shock now and see the whole picture.

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