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Japanese Basic Kanji 2136 for iPad

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If you are studying or using Japanese or Japanese kanji, this is a must-have application. It also can help you to remember kanji with your finger.

It is redesigned for iPad's big screen and provide the fastest and simplest way for searching Japanese Kanji.

This application included 2,136 most commonly-used basic kanji which are Called 'Jooyoo Kanji' in Japan. According to a survey on frequency of kanji in print conducted by the National Language Research Institute, 2,000 kanji encompassed 99.6 percent of the kanji used in three major Japanese newspapers(Asahi, Mainichi and Yomiuri).

So If you use this application and master these kanji in this application, there will no problem in writing or having communication in Japanese.

1, Features:

1) Writing exercise: this application can help you to exercise writing kanji on your iPad, it also can show instructions about the common stroke orders(10 types) in writing kanji in ANIMATION.

Please touch the screen or clear button before writing.

2) Search: you can search kanji by inputting kanji, english word, on'yomi, kun'yomi, kana.

3)Detail and web search:
If you touch the kanji being displayed on the screen, the detail information and usage example of the kanji are displayed.
The detail information includes: stroke, radical, JLPT level, grade, on'yomi, kun'yomi, english words corresponding to on'yomi and kun'yomi and remarks for special pronunciation.

Touch the blue words can invoke a web search automatically.

4) Index: on the starting screen, all the kanji in this application are grouped by strokes, radical, On'yomi, Kun'yomi or type.

5) Supported languages(UI): English, Japanese, Chinese

2, Reference:
The jōyō kanji (常用漢字) table announced officially by the Japanese Ministry of Education

3, Notice:
The well-used on'yomi and kun'yomi are listed, but all the pronunciation for a kanji is not covered. It is good for beginner to master the basic usage of the kanji.