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eyeTestsChinese 简易视力测试

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eyeTests easy 简易视力测试 is an eye test App written in Chinese.
简易视力测试是AppStore上唯一的中文 视力测试 软件
* 你担心你的视力吗?
* 你担心你的孩子可能有颜色视觉缺陷吗?
* 你担心你或你的家人可能有黄斑的问题吗?
那么你应该使用 eyeTests easy 简易视力测试
eyeTests easy 简易视力测试是澳大利亚医生(眼科博士)所写. 该软件具有以下功能:
- 投影机风格的视力表 (中文字, 字母, E 或 图画)
- 黄斑测试图表 - 监视您的黄斑
- 色觉障碍测试 - 完整24个彩板测试
- 散光测试
- 近视力阅读测试 (儿童视力测试, 老人老花眼测试)
- 远程控制功能
- 完全免费
eyeTests easy has the following functions:
************* Easy-to-use projector style eye chart *******************
Test your vision using a flexible and accurate projector style eye chart.
Easily adjustible viewing distances for distance and near.
Test your eye sight using letters, tumbling E or pictures (for children)
E-mail your results to yourself or to your clinician

************* Macular degeneration monitor with Amsler Grid **************
Monitor your macular function using a standard amsler grid.
Draw any abnormalities in your macular vision on the grid using your finger.
E-mail your amsler grid pictures to yourself or to your clinician.

************* Color vision test *********************
Test your color vision with pseudochromatic color deficiency test.
Free hand drawing on to color plates to outline what you see.
E-mail or print any abnormalities for your clinician.

************ Astigmatism test **********************
Astimatism chart for testing of astigmatism.

************ Additional tools **********************
For clinicians, you can keep children interested with high contrast cartoon images.

********** 如何管理眼卫生相关的数据? ********
请看看 eyePatients应用程序在AppStore. 这是最易使用的有关眼睛健康的临床数据管理系统。

Please visit my blog for latest information and tips on how to use this App.

eyeTests is Copyright© 2011 by Dr Yu Xiang George Kong MBBS BMedSci PhD
版权: Dr Yu Xiang George Kong (孔医生 眼科博士-澳大利亚)