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BJJ Half Guard - Andre Galvao Jiu Jitsu Vol 3

iPhone / iPad
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André Galvao 2011 ADCC World Champion !

Get ready to take your game to a new level. Master the basics and learn advanced moves.

André Galvao demonstrates cutting-edge concepts and focuses on the details that make each technique efficient. You will learn the connection between the positions so you can perfect a whole new game plan.

Recognized as a Jiu-Jitsu phenomenon, André Galvao proved his excellence by winning multiple world titles. André' s clear teaching is a reflection of his unique Jiu-Jitsu, a combination of strong basics and the use of creative moves in an endless flow. André reveals tournament-tested techniques that placed him on the Mundial and ADCC podiums.

Learn the techniques that are effective at world-class level and get ready to see the results.

3 Half Guard

This app will get your half-guard game changed forever. Andre covers all the fundamentals of the top and bottom game and shows his most efficient moves. One of the most complete videos ever produced on the half guard.

• Introduction
• 1 Half Guard Transitions
• 2 Top Half Guard Concepts
• 3 Half Guard Pass Controlling the Head
• 4 Half Guard Pass Opponent Grabs the Leg One
• 5 Half Guard Pass Opponent Grabs the Leg Two
• 6 Half Guard Pass Opponent Grabs the Leg Three
• 7 Half Guard Pass Opponent Has Under Hook
• 8 Bottom Half Guard Concepts
• 9 Half Guard Sweep Opponent Tries to Pass
• 10 Half Guard Sweep Opponent Passing the Guard
• 11 Half Guard Sweep to Taking the Back no Under Hook
• 12 Quick Summary

• Once installed, no Internet connection required to watch the videos
• Optimized for the iPhone 4 Retina display
• Beautiful intuitive interface
• Universal App for both iPad and iPhone

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