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PixelMe - Pixel Avatar Creator HD

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Tired of the same old profile picture on facebook or twitter? Looking for something else, which will grab the attention of all your friends? Why not do it Retro style, & PIXELATE yourself!

PixelMe is the only place, where you can have your own custom avatar created for you, no no we mean it, YOUR VERY OWN CUSTOM MADE PIXELATED AVATAR, what does that mean? Well:

1. You'll send us an image of yourself or anyone you wish

2. We'll hand draw a custom unique avatar of that picture, from scratch.

3. We'll send you back that image, and you'll have a pixelated avatar, that NO ONE ELSE ON EARTH WILL SHARE.

Want more? well we got more...

Now with PixelMe, you can create an identical pixelated version of yourself + your friends + your family, and anyone else you may wish to pixelate! We're sure you'll find something that looks just like EVERY SINGLE PERSON you know, because we have MORE than 300 free items, including:

1. More than 40 Hair Styles

2. More than 30 Shirts & Tops

3. More than 30 Pants + Skirts

4. More than 50 extra Items

5. More than 50 different eyes + mouths & noses + facial hair styles

6. More than 35 different Shoes

7. And a little bit more and more and SOME more as well

That's not to mention the continuously updated super awesome packages, which suit all seasons & occasions, where we will keep adding updated content to keep things interesting + special.

Watcha waitin for?? PIXELATE YOURSELF! :)