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The Soul’s Journey Guidance Cards

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Using The Guidance Cards is like having a counselor immediately at hand whenever you need help!...Counseling and Spiritual Guidance for only $6.99!!

Included is a free Mini On-line Soul Coaching Session! - Valued at $45

The Soul's Journey Guidance Cards by Teresah Lynn is a self-counseling, personal growth and guidance system that aims to help you expand your soul and transform your life!

Because we learn best when we are curious, interested, entertained or having fun, Teresah has created this system to make personal and spiritual growth interesting and enjoyable!

These 52 beautiful Fractal Art Cards take you far beyond the regular guidance of oracle or tarot cards. The cards encompass many different teachings - such as - Philosophy, Psychology, Spiritual Guidance, Laws of Nature, Coaching, Counseling and a variety of Condensed Personal Growth Seminars.

With this Guidance System you can:
1. Choose between 1-card, 3-card and 5-card readings
2. Review all cards in ‘Browse Mode”.
3. Flip cards over to review the full message for each card.
4. Save or send your readings via email, Twitter or Face Book.

The Soul’s Journey can help you:
- Live life with more authenticity, wonder and playfulness.
- Inspire you to become your most authentic and masterful self.
- Increase your self-esteem, and learn to love and accept yourself completely.
- Discover your own inner wisdom, gifts and strengths.
- Realize that your life purpose is not a big puzzle to solve; it’s an easy, joyful discovery.
- Move through transitions with ease, and to explore new directions.
-Connect with your intuition and discover what your soul longs for.
- Profoundly improve your relationships by learning about Compassionate Communication.
- Accept what is currently happening, and to invite growth by understanding the natural evolution of your soul as you join with the spiritual energy of love, wisdom, creativity and joy!
- Expand your awareness of your true feelings, needs, beliefs, expectations, motivations and intentions.
- Realize what kind of ‘life story script’ you are playing out, and how to change it.
- Learn what true intimacy and soul mates are really about.
- Open your eyes to the world around you and use it as your teacher.

I sincerely hope the Journey of Your Soul is filled with many blessings of love, peace and happiness!

Teresah Lynn

You can purchase Soul Journey Cards and Book, and learn about The Soul’s Journey Services and the Author/Artist at: