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U R What U Eat

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Touch the "Fork and Knife" button, at the bottom of the list, and you are on your way to accessing one of the most robust Nutritional App databases.

Very simple to use.

Take U R What U Eat with you the next time you are out to eat. In less than a minute, know the nutrient value of your meal before you take the first bite or drink.

U R What U Eat is a great tool for quickly looking up the COMPLETE nutrient information for over 7,900 food items provided by USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference.

No network connectivity to slow down response.
Sound application design with no crashes.
This app's robust database has over 7,900 food items with the following nutritional information:
o KCal Calories (Energy)
o Weight in grams
o Minerals
o Vitamins
o Fats
o Sugars
o Carbohydrates
o Cholesterol
o Other nutritional information