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BLOSSOM is an abstract, yet therapeutic game of Oriental mystery, with unconventional rules. Start off by swiping across the screen to control the breeze... The rest is up to the adventurous to discover!

Attempt to separate the positive leaves from the negative ones as you score karma points by landing coloured leaves in the fountain of youth. Watch out though, any black leaves reaching the water surface will cause the blossom tree to shed it's blue blooms, and eventually lead to Game Over. Disposing of positive leaves (off screen) will also result in loss of karma points... points you will desperately need to advance from season to season.

Hone your finger flicking skills and learn to master the power of the winds, as you navigate through all four seasons, year after year, as Nature challenges you with an always increasing degree of difficulty.

◆ How do I score Karma Points?

Karma Points are scored by drifting coloured leaves into the Fountain of Youth. Moving coloured leaves off the screen, or letting them land on the grass will result in loss of points.

◆ How do I move to the next Season?

Every Season offers a set target number of points to reach, before the weather will change into the next season. In Spring Year One, the player has to amass 40 points to move over to Summer. Every Coloured leaf that drops in the Fountain of Youth gains the player 2 points. Every Coloured leaf set off screen or let fall on the grass losses the player 1 point. Points are represented by the flock of birds on the right hand side of the screen; the Higher the birds, the more the points. When the birds reach the topmost part of the screen, the player would have accomplished enough points to move onto the next Season. Furthur Years also present higher targets making the game even more challenging.

◆ Where is the life counter?

The blue blooms indicate the remaining number of lives. The game offers 6 lives. Every time a Negative leaf falls into the Fountain of Youth, a precious life is lost.