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TAKE TWO is a card game played with a Spanish deck, but here you have the chance to play with the French one as well.

In this version you play against 3 other players. Four cards are dealt to each player. The winer is the first player to run out of cards.

The pile of cards that has not been dealt is left face down. Then the top card is played to mark the suit or the number to follow. Players start playing counterclockwise. For example, if the top card of the pile is a 5 of diamonds, you must play diamonds or a five. Otherwise you have the option to play any 8 and change suit. If you can not play any card, you must draw a card from the pile, so once again you have the option to play. If you can't throw any card again, you must pass.

There are several special cards according to their number:
1: skips the next player's turn.
2: TAKE TWO. The next player has to draw two cards and skips his/her turn.
7: change the direction of play.
8: change the suit to play.