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Whopping Planes

iPhone / iPad
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Do You have a small plane fan at home? He could watch and play with planes, jets and helicopters for hours? Perfect, this is the app for you then!


“Great for 2 year old - My 2 year old son is in love with planes and this keeps him happy. It is his favorite plane app!”

“My son's favorite iPad app - My 2.5 yo son LOVES this app. As an adult, it's not all that exciting, but he loves it - that's all that matters.”

“Great for toddlers - Most aps for kids are too advanced for the under 3 set, but this one is great. It nurtures his curiosity and holds his attention about as long as you can hold a 2 year olds attention.”


Whopping Planes is a very simple video collection application for small kids and toddlers, containing lots of photos, sounds and videos about airplanes, helicopters and other flying things around the world. The app itself is VERY easy to use, so kids can manage with it all by themselves. The app also works completely without network connection, making it a perfect companion for trips.


- 100+ photos with sound effects in some of them
- Total of 21 HD videos. A380s, B777s, helicopters, landings, take-offs.
- Simple - yet challenging - planes memory game
- Works 100% offline
- E-A-S-Y to use


- Random Internet pictures with non-kid-friendly content
- Impossible-to-use interface
- Laggy Internet videos
- Heavy load for your data plan
- Complex menus and interfaces


Launch the app and a main menu will appear. Tap the sun to play pairs. Tap the yellow plane to see the videos. Tap and hold the Parents Zone icons to see more functions, especially meant for parents. When watching videos, swipe left and right to browse through the videos and photos. You can disable the main menu from the device’s settings; in this case the video show will start automatically. This is perfect for little users, since the menu might be confusing and the memory game frustrating. If You score over 30% in memory game, You can unlock one extra video. This was the instruction manual, thanks for reading. :)


This free version has 100% functionality and you can use it for free as long as you want and you're not missing anything. Vast majority of the current active user base is using the app as free as it is. There is only one In-App purchase product for bringing some extra content and functions, such as:

- Unlock the four extra videos which are only short previews now (plus the pairs game prize!)
- Unlock the navigation bar at the bottom for easy favorite video access
- Unlock three more memory game card decks / image sets
- Unlock the discount coupon code for the Whopping Apps shop for some cool Whopping Diggers T-shirts!

Please note that making the purchase does not need any further downloading, new features are activated immediately and You can enjoy the Whoppimized experience right away!


Please follow the instructions when doing the purchase. For more general info, just tap the HELP & INFO button in the parents zone (moms). Please read the info page and send a message to before posting a one star review with a problem symptom. Thank you. I also read all the positive reviews for the toddler team, so don’t hesitate giving your ratings and reviews! They’re very high valued among the in-house-toddler-team. :)

-= HOME MADE by an indie developer =-

The whole Whopping Apps portfolio is done by a father of three toddlers. All the content has been evaluated and picked by the in-house toddler team, so this is really an app from kids to kids! The developer father is just a tool in between. :)

PS. Thanks for reading this far, since most people won’t valuate a good old engineer style feature documentation too high! :)