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Pilgrim Cards - The Camino Edition

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The world is a busy place - especially now. The sheer pace of life can feel hectic, overwhelming at times.

Pilgrim Cards offer a unique opportunity to slow down, look inward, and simply reflect; to take just a few minutes out of the 10,080 that pass each week as time for yourself.

Using the cards is simple. When it feels right, read one. You can read them in sequence, choose one randomly, or have one chosen for you. See if the cards speak to you - you might be surprised at how intuitive they can feel. Share one with a friend by email or Facebook.

Author Austin Repath has walked the 500 miles of Europe’s fabled Camino de Santiago de Compostela, also known as The Way of St. James, three times. These cards are the result of that exploration - and the first in a series.

The cards themselves are neither religious nor secular; how you interpret them will be shaped by your own world view. But they are deep - and they will gently encourage you to stop and think.

Renowned spiritual author Joyce Rupp says each card “resonates with a part of the human heart that seeks integrity, strength, hope and resiliency.”

Truth is, we’re all Pilgrims on this walk of life. Think of the Pilgrim Cards app as a wise companion along The Way.