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360° eDocuments

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eDocuments is an App that enables organizations to publish documents from various sources, so that they can be accessed in a user-friendly way from the iPad.

Use eDocuments to access business process procedures, view drawings of a plant, browse through project documentation, or let senior management use eDocuments to read background material for a business trip or a daily schedule with prepared attachments. No more paper to be printed, distributed and handled.

eDocuments accesses documents and connected information from the organization’s (SharePoint) server. Administrators can easily update, share and implement access control rules on all information. iPad users can browse through document structures or search (in fulltext) for information, as well as download local copies or make comments and notes that can be stored on the server and shared with other users.

NOTE: To use the 360 eDocuments App, a Microsoft Sharepoint solution from Software Innovation AS has to be installed in your company network.