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Dad's Prayers - a Christian Prayer app

iPhone / iPad
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Pray for your children!

This free app (with no ads) will encourage you and help you to pray for your children. It has 2 sets of prayers to help you:

1) Topical prayers - 13 topics with 130 sample prayers and 250+ scripture references. Includes a category for prayers for yourself.

- Love
- Praise
- Wisdom
- Helmet of Salvation
- Sword of the Spirit
- Breastplate of Righteousness
- Shield of Faith
- Belt of Truth
- Shoes of Peace
- Protection
- Blessings
- Misc
- For Myself

2) Daily prayers - 2 months of daily prayer topics to help give your daily prayers variety.

Our pastor once spoke on fasting and praying for your children, and ever since I have fasted breakfast one day a week and used the time to pray for my children while they are sleeping. There is something about the innocence of a still sleeping child that touches your heart and helps you to passionately pray.

And Moms, don't let the app name scare you away, both parents can use this app!

These are the prayers I use, and I hope they will be useful as guides to you too. But they are just starting points. Use these or use your own; the important thing is to pray! And don't be afraid to fast (if you are medically able). Fasting adds power to our prayers.

So reap the blessings of prayer - load this app, silence your cell phone, get in there and start praying!

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