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Fuego's River Adventure

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This is the game changer everybody are talking about
Check out the first ever hands free, motion controlled game for the iPad!

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See What the media is talking about:
•"This is a huge game changer for the iOS gaming world." -- AppModo
•"The experience is quite addicting, gives players some exercise, and adds a new level of participation." -- AppAdvice
•"There's something about jumping around and not caring what anyone thinks that lends itself to casual gaming." --CNET
•"When it comes to motion tracking gaming Xbox Kinect owners seems to have all the fun, but if you have an iPad 2 you can get a piece of the action." --
•"Fuego’s River Adventures is certain to be an interesting app, and one that will lead the way in terms of iPad technology." -- Capsule gaming
•"Who Needs a Kinect When You Have an iPad?" -

Crimson App’s Fuego’s River Adventure is a fun arcade adventure game where you control Fuego by jumping, running and moving side to side. Utilizing LokkoMotion technology to detect your movements through the front camera on the iPad, Fuego will jump, run and move when you move.

Fuego is fresh out of high school and he’s celebrating by going on an exotic vacation, when disaster strikes and his plane malfunctions. Fuego decides to take fate into his own
hands and jumps from the plane, only to land alone in an exotic jungle. He builds a raft to begin his journey, and it is up to you to help Fuego down the river in search of food
and gold to trade with people he may come across to buy a ticket back home.

Can you bring Fuego to life and help him on his crazy river adventure through the jungle?

--This game requires IPAD-2--


• Advanced motion detection through your iPad’s front camera, no additional hardware

• Connect your iPad to your TV for a larger screen enhanced view of your adventure

• 20 different levels

• Take candid shots while you play, and share them on your favorite social network!

• Wanna know how far you’ve jumped and dodged today? Automatically keep track of your distance and share with friends!

Check out a clip of the game play here:

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