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Crowded Garden HD

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All insects serve a useful purpose, but our garden has become overcrowded. We need to eliminate some of the bees and flies so that the butterflies can flourish. The goal of this game is to tap the bees and flies as they move across the screen while avoiding tapping the butterflies.

This game features butterflies in thousands of different colors. High resolution photographs of beautiful flower gardens are used for the backgrounds.

There are several ways to play this multitouch enabled app.

1 Player Mode
2 Player Mode
Team cooperation ( start 1 player game and work as a team)
Team competition ( start 2 player game with multiple players on each team)

In 2 player mode, a thick white line divides the screen in half. Each player (or team) must only tap on their side of the screen.

There are 15 levels of play for both 1 player and 2 player mode. They range from easy to super hard.

Levels 1 -5 Easy
Levels 6 - 10 Normal
Levels 11 - 15 Hard

All levels are unlocked, allowing you to go directly to the level which matches your skill level.

Scoring in the game works as follows:

Each Bee Tapped = +100 points
Each Fly Tapped = +100 points
Each Butterfly Tapped = -200 points
Each Tap on the Screen = -1 point
Each Second to Complete Level = -1 point ( 1 Player Mode Only)

A level is completed when 90% of the bees and flies have been tapped or 50% of the butterflies.

As you move up in levels, there will be more insects on the screen and they will move faster. There will also be more variation in the sizes of the insects.

The background images are randomly set for each level.

If you would like to see all of the background images, chose "GARDEN" from the main screen. Use the "NEXT" or "BACK" buttons to scroll through the images. In this mode, the butterflies change colors each time they leave the screen.

This app also features beautiful background sounds recorded in a forest. If you prefer your own music, just start it playing in iTunes before you start the app. If the app detects ITunes music playing it will automatically silence background music and sound effects.

This app is appropriate for all ages. There is no simulated violence.