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ChengDu Mahjong

iPhone / iPad
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● This game is based on the rules of XueZhan mahjong of Chengdu, China, which been proposed by Chengdu local developer.
● All the special rules of Xuezhang mahjong are supported, such as XueZhan (players who still not win can continue play the game until only left one player or haven't tiles), added glory to a gong, robbing a gong, must lack suit, self drawn award, etc.
● Fully support Ipad and Iphone series (include retina display), design a special interface for iphone, and it's very convenient to use. the method of operation is very efficiency and convenience.
● Propose two game modes: network mode and single player mode. In network mode, you need have game center ID, every new players will be given 1000 gold for network game. and designed a level system of network mode which from 1 to 30. Invite your friends to join the game!
● The single game mode proposes 14 matches, from easy to hard. Every match is come from the scenes about Chengdu, after win the match; you will know many beautiful site of Chengdu, China.
● Based on your scores, the game designed a network hero leaderboard , xuezhan hero leaderboard and achievement system, you can see your position of all over the world.
● Support game voice of indigene.
● tested in IOS 8.0 ,support iPad air2 mini2 and iPhone 6 & plus.
● XueZhan Mahjong game rules brief introduction:
1. The number of mahjong tiles is 108, and 3 suits which named: Tong(circle), Tiao(bamboo), Wan(character). Every suit from 1 to 9, and every number have 4 tiles. In game processing, your can only Pong tiles from other player, forbid Chi tiles. At first of game, your must choose lack suit, and before drawn all tiles from lack suit, you cannot draw any other tiles.
2. In game processing, if one player wins, the game not stop, until only left one player or finish tiles. The rules named XueZhan.
3. The main win type of XueZhan mahjong game includes, Common Hand (1 fan),"All Triplets"(2 fan), "Pure One Suit" (3 fan), "7 Pairs" (3 fan), "Include Orphans" (3 fan), "258 Triplets" (4 fan), "Pure Triplets" (4fan), etc. When met every quadruplet tiles the final fans +1. The total scores calculate from 2^(fan-1) * base Score. For example, "Pure Triplets" will win 2^(4-1)=8*Base Score.
4. Self drawn the game will win base score additionally. And when claiming a tile for a quadruplet will win score(there have 4 conditions,1. drawing a tile by oneself win double base score.2.drawing tile by other player, the other player give double base score.3. drawing a triple tile immediately every player give base score. 4. drawing a triple tile not immediately will no score).