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2012 Horoscopes

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2012 Horoscopes
Transforming the World

2012 is believed by many to be the year marking the shift of the Ages - specifically, leaving the Age of Pisces behind and touching off the Age of Aquarius. As the song goes, some believe there will be "sympathy and understanding, brotherhood and peace abounding."

Others believe that 2012 will bring natural disasters and chaos of all types, marking the end of the world as we know it. So, should you worry? No.

Chances are that neither of these extremes will occur. However, 2012 will bring major changes in human consciousness. On January 1, Venus, planet of love, and Neptune, planet of humanity, will be passing through Aquarius - and this could bring a new cycle full of hope, peace, and visions for the future. Natives of each of the Four Elements - Fire, Earth, Air, and Water - will have a different experience as the year unfolds and planets transit.

Natives of Fire Signs - Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius - will be the movers and shakers. Aries will be the leaders and innovators. If changes need to be made in any department of life, Rams will be leading the charge, organizing various groups to keep fresh ideas coming. Leos are the ones who will actually give form to these ideas, through the arts and new inventions. Sagittarians are the visionaries, those who work hard to turn ideals into reality and make sure that the results are useful and positive.
The Earth Signs - Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn - take these ideas and turn concepts into concrete realities. For them, studying and preserving the environment will come first before building new structures. Agriculture, green practices, and anything that changes the Earth in any way will be tailored to suit the terrain. Taurus natives will brainstorm ideas to preserve the beauty of the area. Virgos will use those ideas to keep natural beauty intact, and Capricorn will acquire the fruits of the Earth to benefit its creatures.

Air Signs favor the arts, sciences, and education, and do their best to increase human knowledge. Geminis will take a second look at the ideas of the past and make them work for the future. Libra brings individuals together, sharing ideas and putting them to work, making changes in the fabric of society itself. Aquarians will do their best to bring all Earthlings together, learning to understand each other with the ultimate goal of no more war.

Water Signs are associated with the emotions, and finding ways for people to really understand each other no matter how different their cultures, experiences, and personalities. Cancerians understand feeling - love, aspirations, nurturing, and a strong and supportive personal life - and do their best to make these ideas reality. Scorpio looks beyond the obvious, seeing what's possible and what can't be done, and how to deal with it. And Pisces looks to the world beyond the material and more toward what's ethical and spiritual.

Natives of all signs should be aware of these opportunities to mend, heal, and improve the world around them. Each of us has our own purpose in life that will bring about new ideas. We can take the best innovations of the past and use them to improve the condition of our planet so that all of us can live, work, play, laugh, and enjoy life. Have a great 2012 - and beyond. Start out by reading your own free 2012 forecast!