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PercussionSS Vol.2

  • Music
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PercussionSS Vol.2 is a music application that features 6 different percussion in one package. You can also purchase each percussion separately, however PercussionSS allows you to save 50% from the actual price.

Added the recording function!
It picks the surrounding sounds as well, and you can use it in many different ways such as recording your vocals or creating a voice memo. You can also send the recorded data via email. Note that the maximum attachment size of an email depends on the iOS device you are using. Please contact your cell phone service provider for further information. * A 10 seconds recording is around 450 kB.

* Support iTunes file sharing(

Added the play with other music app button on the right side of the record button (however, this disables the recording). For example, you can play along with your favorite songs on Music app.

Now you can select the audio file format when recording. If you want to send a file via email, record at "22kHz / 8 bit" to reduce the file size.

* Users who have a problem with the musical instrument app that doesn't make any sound. (

* Display scale on keyboard
* Support orientation
* Record button / Play button / Stop button / Send the sound data via Email button
* Support iTunes file sharing
* Play with other music app button

- Set Contents

- LithophoneSS
LithophoneSS is a percussion instrument consisting of rock boards which are struck to produce musical notes.
This stone instrument was discovered from the Stone Age remains, which may have existed for over 3000 years.
The lithophone is similar to instruments such as the metallophone or xylophone however, unlike those instruments, it has clear natural sounds that would cleanse your soul.
Experience this unique sound now!
Range: C52-C88 3 octaves (37 keys)

- KalimbaSS
KalimbaSS is an African musical instrument which is played by plucking several reeds or tines with the thumbs.
It is also said that the Kalimba is the roots of the musical boxes.
KalimbaS is a board-shaped instrument that can make a bright and incisive sound by plucking with the thumbs. Its distinctive sound has presence, and can be played solo or accompanied.
Range: B1-D4 2 octaves (17 keys)

- CrotalesSS
CrotalesSS is an antique cymbals application.
This application displays 2.5 octaves on the screen, and you don't need to change octaves to play them.
Range: C3-E5 2.5 octaves (29 keys)

- AgogosSS
AgogosSS is an unique music instrument that consists of 2 octaves, based on an agogo bell, a metal idiophone hand percussion.
Use it to create Latin music such as Samba or new kind of music. How to enjoy the instrument is totally up to you how you!
Add this new percussion to your music arrangements.
The high pitched bright sound of this app will surprise you.
Range: C4-C6 2 octaves (25 keys)

- MetalplateSS
MetalplateSS is a metal plate application.
This application displays 2.5 octaves on the screen, and you don't need to change octaves to play them.
Range: C4-E6 2.5 octaves (29 keys)

- WaterGlassSS
Anyone must have tried to make a sound using a glass with some water by passing a finger round its rim.
WaterGlassSS is an instrument designed to play music from water glasses with 2 octaves on iPad or iPhone.
Put your fingertip around the rim of the glass on the screen, and the app will make crystal clear sounds, just like playing with a mallet.
Range: C5-C7 2 octaves (25 keys)