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Puss in Boots

iChild World, a World for smart kids and parents. No 1 child bedtime story book for iPhone and iPad user.

Your child love reading story book especially bed-time story? They love animals especially cat after they met the hero from Puss in Boots? Do you want your child to excel in English and Mandarin? Couldn’t find an interesting story book read by professionals?

Do you wonder why some children are so smart? You think is because of different milk powder that create brilliant child? Not really, survey shown is because they start reading since they are young. Some parents even start reading story to their child since the boys/girls aged one! If you are too busy to read them story, we will read them for you.

Discover unusual reading and learning experience created for young children from story reading. Something parents should know!

Story overview:
Puss in Boots is a fairy tale written by Charles Perrault and was first published in 1697. The story begins with a poor miller who left his 3 sons a mill factory, a house and a cat. The eldest son gets the factory, while the second got the house. His youngest boy got the cat and worried how he could leave with just a cat. The cat then speaks and asks for a hat and a pair of boots from his master. What will happen next? Did the young boy end up in starvation? Check it out with your kids!

How To Select An Attention-Grabbing Story Book For Your Children?
1.Challenges your kids with realistic yet demanding goals.
2.Get children oriented education book that helps develop children interest in learning.
3.Make education enjoyable and interesting for children.
4.Children loved technology; teach children using flash card is proven as the best way to learn.

Why iChild World Story Book?
1.New method of reading and learning experience specially created for young children.
2.Easy to understand script, lovely pictures and vivid narration that help creates audiovisual reading enjoyments.
3.Fun learning with colorful pictures.
4.Support both automatic and manually touch for page turning.
5.Unlimited read over at no cost.
6.Automatic bookmark enables you to continue your last reading session.
7.Choice of “read for me” or “read myself”.
8.User friendly, ideal for parents and child aged 1 to 6.
9.Bi-Lingual, very easy to switch between English and Chinese. You can switch to between languages to learn a new foreign language.
10.Both English and Mandarin read by language professional to ensure pronunciation accuracy
11.Friendly customer support with prompt response.
12.Continuous development and update of online bookshelf. Allow you to select your favorite book and learn new stories with your kids at anytime.
13.Universal support for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.
14.Totally new learning experience to match with new technology era.
15.E-books innovation specially created for AppStore user.

Best compatible with iPhone 4, 3GS, 3G, iPad2, iPad, iPod Touch and of course the brand new
iPhone 4S.

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Review from customer:

“After playing this book for a few times, my 5 years old son can now read the story by himself. He really loved this story so much.” Jessica Simmons

About us:
iChild World is ranked as #1 child story book application for iPhone and iPad.
As a child concern parents, we know our young children loved technology and can learn more effective with colors, sounds and pictures. Seeing that children loved stories, we ensure that children could benefit from story reading either on pronunciation or reading or even morale they learn from the story. We are aiming to develop children’s interest in learning. Don’t you?