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Blighty: Kung Fu Filipino Stick Fighting 1A

iPhone / iPad
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☆☆☆☆☆ Blighty: Kung Fu Filipino Stick Fighting 1A☆☆☆☆☆ 

★This application is currently in Chinese, with Chinese narration and Chinese Words.★

Filipino Stick Fighting has 6 apps in a series, which talks about how to learn and use Filipino stick fighting in every aspect, from basic skills to skill associations, from theory to practice.
Filipino Stick Fighting 1A, Filipino Stick Fighting1B
Introduce 12 basic skill, and favorite skill associations
Filipino Stick Fighting 2A, Filipino Stick Fighting 2B
Introduce basic combat styles, feet work and theory. There has master to demonstrate 23 stick fighting of combat.
Filipino Stick Fighting 3A, Filipino Stick Fighting 3B
Demonstrate 11 advanced skills of Filipino stick fighting, decomposition of the front and side of gestures.
Kali, Escrima, and Arnis are all terms for the native fighting arts of the Philippines, Filipino Stick Fighting, specifically the arts that use weapons. It has been popularized in modern culture through Bruce Lee movies, which Bruce Lee used to flight with Dan Inosant.

Filipino Stick Fighting has sometimes been called the deadliest martial art in the world. It has been commonly portrayed as the martial art which wields the arnis stick as its main weapon, but it also used live blades, knives, swords. It's one of the most preferred fighting systems by military and law enforcement personnel around the world because of its emphasis on killing effectiveness rather on forms or appearance.
Filipino Stick Fighting1B
Filipino Stick Fighting 2A, Filipino Stick Fighting 2B
Filipino Stick Fighting 3A,Filipino Stick Fighting 3B


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