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Gift Optimizer

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Gift Optimizer uses advanced mathematics to determine the optimal gift for your friends, whilst keeping within your budget, ensuring that you never overspend.

- Optimize your gift basket so, for a limited budget, your favourite friends get their most desired gifts;
- Assign overall preferences to your friends;
- Tweet your friends to let them know who has been mischievous or nice;
- Set your friends preferences for each gift;
- Set a maximum budget as an optimization constraint;
- Calculates your minimum budget so that you can work at or just above this level;
- Check up to 101,370,917,007,360,000 permutations for the optimal solution... so you don't have to!
- Typically find the optimal solution within 7 seconds.

For example, you have 7 friends and a basket of 12 gifts for consideration. Who gets what gift? Which gifts are selected to keep within budget? After all, there are 3,991,680 possibilities. To further complicate the problem, each friend has a different fondness for each of the gifts. In addition, you have a priority ranking in terms of which friend should be given preference over another. There is also the budget constraint. Gift Optimizer will find the optimal solution for you.

As the number of friends and gifts increase, so does the complexity of the problem at hand. Due to resource limitations in terms of time and CPU, Gift Optimizer has ben limited to 100 quadrillion permutations by setting an upper limit on the number of friends + number of gifts to be less than or equal to 36. When there are 20 gifts to be allocated to 16 friends the number of permutations is 101,370,917,007,360,000.

Whether you're buying presents for a special occasion, in charge of corporate hospitality, getting organized for your holiday season ... Gift Optimizer lets you enjoy the magic of giving presents by being as imaginative as you want with your gift ideas.