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Discover Air Vehicles HD

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Discover Air Vehicle is a fun and interactive app for youngsters to learn more about the vehicles in the air.
Kids will be showed images of different type of vehicles. They can learn more about the vehicle with the facts provided in the app.
In the app, children will be able to scroll the different images of the vehicle. From the aeroplane to the helicopter, the gyroplane to the parachute, the app offers over 25 different types of vehicles that can be seen flying through the air.
This will help them to recognise the different vehicle in the air so that they are able to associate it in real life when they see one.
The facts provide information for the children as they learn more about their favourite vehicle.
The fun design and layout will trigged the interest of the kids. Colourful visuals and words make the app more exciting.
These are some of the features offered in Discover Air Vehicles
* Colourful and kid-friendly interface
* Browse through over 25 different types of vehicles.
* Up to 3 images for each vehicle
* Facts are read out for the kids
* Children learn about the different vehicles in the air.

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