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Fat Cat App

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This revised version of Fat Cat App created easier access to password, created a new audio page and improved graphics. We are currently creating a Home version that is less expensive with a more friendly interface.

Fat Cat App is the first in a series of apps for early reading or remediation of reading in an engaging format. With the purchase of Fat Cat App, parents, teachers, and therapists can download a free teaching manual (supporting research and suggested activities and worksheets). Fat Cat App addresses early reading through phonemic awareness and phonics as well as providing auditory bombardment of sounds for speech students. In addition to teaching phonemic awareness and reading it can be used to address other skills; i.e. articulation, English as a second language (hearing the English sounds and words repeatedly), spelling, and left-to-right visual tracking.

Fat Cat App teaches both phonemic awareness and phonics simultaneously. The words are in chains in which only one sound is changed at a time. The words may or may not rhyme. The important aspect is that the student learns to become aware of these single changes. An example of a 5 set chain is “mad – mat – bat – bit – sit”.

Repetition is important for learning. Fat Cat App repeats the three sounds in each word (as the student touches the letters – active learning) two times. The word is then spoken 3 times after the sounds have been combined into a word. Then the student is tested on reading the words by touching the word named. The teacher is able to email the statistics to self or to the parents.

Fat Cat App addresses only the consonant-vowel-consonant syllable structure in this beginning level. Future apps will address more complex syllable structures as well as some common spelling rules; i.e. silent “e”, “c” vs “k” spelling, etc. The second app in the series will address the long vowel with the silent “e”.

Skills addressed:
Reading: Consonant-Vowel-Consonant
Phonemic Awareness
Letter recognition
Articulation through auditory bombardment of sounds
English as a Second Language

Design and content: Children's Publishing and
Artwork: Brenda Bennet and additional pictures by Joan L. McShane
Development: James Rouse of Exceptional Speech Products
Voice-over: Myrna Cabello
Recording Studio: Affordable Sound, Austin, TX.

Speech Pathology Apps, LLC., formerly Children’s Publishing, develops apps and showcases apps by other speech pathology app developers that will assist therapists, teachers, and parents in using all tools available to teach literacy, speech and language.

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