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Don’t be fooled by cheap rushed imitations, this app has over three years of field use!

Now with iPad HD Support!

Email list feature.
Edit item feature.
Adjustable discount on each item.
Use Icons or take a picture of your item.

The Multi-purpose budget, discount percent off, total cost with tax, item tracker super app that you can use for any buying excursion!

Each item can have it's own discount percentage, then there can be an additional discount applied to the entire cart.

Shop-N-Sale allows you to keep track of the amount you are spending and saving as you shop. It will allow you to enter an item fast with minimal key strokes and also remove an item if needed, especially good for those who are on a budget. You will have a running total as you shop so there will be no surprises at the register.

On the App Settings page, you will find the tax rate for your state. Just scroll down on the wheel until it is highlighted. You will also find the Budget mode which can be turned on or off. You may enter your budget amount so that you won’t go over it which will be shown on the main page.

There is a place to enter a default Item Description if you need to keep track of the item. You will also encounter the sounds options that can be turned on and off which has different sounds for different transactions.

There is also a Color Bar options that can help you differentiate between same items in different colors.

The Additional Total Cart Discount Slider allows you to choose a percentage off your total shopping experience. For example, you are given a coupon for 30% off your total amount. You will turn it on and use the slider until it shows 30%. To make sure that this discount is being applied, the total plus tax color will be purple and not green. If it is not being utilized, the total plus tax will stay green. The Empty Cart button removes everything from your cart.

If you have a budget, it will be shown at the top left of the page. Next to that is the Total + Tax and then the Remaining amount of money if you have the Budget Mode on.

There is a slider for Discount Percentage if you happen to find a sale rack. If the item is 20% off, use the slider until it shows 20 %. The discount amount can be changed with each item. You can then enter the item description and/or click on the color bar.

There is also an item wheel if you touch the icon of a present. Once the icon is found, click “Select” at the top of the wheel. This will be shown in the itemized list in your cart. You then enter the amount of the item and the quantity and click on “Add Item”. This new version includes a photo option where you can take a picture of the actual item which will be shown in the cart. Just click on the camera icon and a camera will appear where the present icon was, click on that icon which enables the camera on your phone, take a picture and add the price, discount amount, etc., and click "Add Item". To go back to the wheel icon, click on the cart that is in the same place the 1st camera icon is located, it is very easy to switch back & forth if needed. You will notice that there is something in your cart by the red number shown. If you click on the cart icon, you can see what is in your cart and the discounts given with the net total amount.

The value of Shop-N-Sale is amazing. It allows you to put in various discount amounts when you find that amazing sale.

It allows you to keep on budget and when you go over, it is easy to delete an item from your cart – you just go to your cart, swipe the item and hit the delete button that pops up.

This changes your “Remaining” amount on the main page, so you always know exactly how much money you have left to spend.

Just be sure to take the actual item out of your real cart!

The sounds are fun!

Turn them on at you own risk :)