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DocPager is a next generation paging solution designed to replace a physician's pager.

In addition to removing the need to carry two devices, DocPager provides the following key features:

1) Real-time tracking of when pages are sent, received and read

2) Greater reliability than a pager or text messaging

3) Encrypted messages for patient privacy

4) A 30 day free subscription for all new subscribers followed by a low monthly or annual rate which is less than the cost of most pager service fees

DocPager closes the communication loop so that you never have to wonder if a page was received. When sending a page with DocPager, you can easily see when it was sent, received and read. Pages can be sent using the DocPager iPhone app or from any computer with an internet connection by going to

DocPager is designed for greater reliability than a pager or cell phone, allowing pages to be routed through either cellular or WiFi networks. In areas such as large buildings where reliable cellular network signals are lacking but a WiFi network is available, the app will automatically switch to the WiFi network as long as it has been configured on the iPhone.

DocPager is designed for security by using SSL encryption technology to protect all message content to and from our secure firewall protected servers. Additionally, if Passcode Lock is enabled on your iPhone 3GS or later, the page content on the iPhone is stored in an encrypted database. These security measures are provided to address patient privacy and confidentiality concerns such as HIPAA that are required for medical use.

The DocPager Team believes that once you try DocPager, you won't want to go back to an old-fashioned pager. Therefore, we provide a 30 day free subscription to all new subscribers. DocPager provides both monthly and annual subscriptions for substantially less than the cost of most traditional paging services.

The DocPager Team envisioned a system where a smart phone could take the place of a pager while revolutionizing the experience of sending a page. Designed for reliability, security, and performance, DocPager provides real-time tracking to see when pages are sent, received, and read, works on both cellular and WiFi networks, and uses encryption for security for all pages. It does all this with one less device to carry and for substantially less than the cost of old-fashioned pager technology.