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Not Just Another Puzzle Free

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★★★★★CAUTION: These puzzles are highly addicting! And it's FREE!★★★★★

You will not find anything like this puzzler on the whole App Store! What is so unique about this app? It is a gravity based jigsaw puzzle, and the pieces are actually boxes. Once you try it you can never stop!

Other awesome features:

➤ 9 unlike other puzzles
➤ Varying difficulty
➤ Stunning/relaxing music
➤ All puzzles are UNLOCKED, no need to start from the first puzzle to get to the juicy part
➤ Beautiful graphics
➤ These puzzles come with a twist: gravity.
➤ The puzzle pieces are actually boxes!

Some reviews:

Great app - ★★★★★
by Mosesar - Version 1.4 - Jan 10, 2012
One of my favorite purchases. The puzzles take patience and provide wonderment along the way. I would prefer diff music, but lowering the volume works fine.*
(*you can change the music with the Retry button, but do it when the puzzle starts because it will restart the puzzle as well) "With a game title like “Not Just Another Puzzle” one should expect a lot from this puzzler app, and the developers at World of A deliver." "Treat your little puzzlers to the relaxing, yet extremely challenging, stylings of Not Just Another Puzzle. This collection of 62 vibrant puzzles is, well, not like anything else you’ve ever seen... The developers had the gall to claim this is Not Just Another Puzzle. And they were right. Snatch this smart title for just a buck and savor it for the long haul."

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