Type on PDF Pro v 1.2.98

By Tipirneni Software LLC
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DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP! If you have iOS 7, this app has been replaced by the free Smart Forms app available in the app store (http://appstore.com/smartforms). This app is for iOS 6 users and below.1000s of businesses already paperless with Type on PDF! Type on PDF Pro extends the features of our highly successful Type on PDF platform by allowing you to make smart fields and templates on top of your existing PDF forms. It is like combing an excel spreadsheet and an html form on top of PDF.This app is essential for businesses looking to go paperless and mobile by replacing their existing paper forms with a smart, dynamic version that looks exactly like the paper form, but works completely electronically.A full-featured app like this can not be described adequately with words. Please watch the demo video by touching the support link or going to http://player.vimeo.com/video/32058883 to get a full description of what the app can do and how it works.Features -Universal app that wor...