USBMate v 1.1

By Alice Dev Team
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USBMate is an app which optimizes and accelerates the operation of USB Flash drives, external hard disks and Flash memory cards. Now Ready for Mavericks! -MacTech rating 8 out of 10-Use USBMate every time before ejecting your USB Flash drive and:- its contents will be clean and optimized, without useless junk. All temporary files left by Snow Leopard / Lion / Mountain Lion or Windows (.DS_Store, .Trashes, .Spotlight-V100, Thumbs.db, etc.) will be erased.- it will be made secure thanks to the built in anti-virus!Every time USBMate is launched, the anti-virus automatically checks and purges the USB Flash drive’s contents of all AutoRun viruses!All you have to do is launch the app before ejecting the USB Flash drive: A few seconds later, it will be optimized, clean and secure!Remember: Snow Leopard / Lion / Mountain Lion / Windows put temporary files and other junk in your USB Flash drive every time you use it. Launch USBMate each time before ejecting a USB Flash drive, and it will stay...