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Fight Trainer

iPhone / iPad
  • Sports
  • Health & Fitness
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The Ultimate Boxing, Martial Arts and Fitness Training App for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Designed for beginners and professional fighters alike, it helps you sharpen your focus, balance and technique, and get a great workout. It’s like having a personal fight trainer that never gets tired!

* Fight Trainer IS Next Generation Fight Training *

* How it works:
Fight Trainer is not intended to be a “how-to” app.  Instead, its focus is to motivate you to train the techniques you already know in a fun, challenging, and effective way.  The workouts are organized into rounds, much like a boxing or martial arts competition.  The app calls out techniques in random combinations, and exercises to perform in timed rounds.  

The app is not specific to any style or art.  The preset techniques are common to many striking arts, and users can request that their own favorite techniques be added to the app in future updates.  The combinations, though random, are completely customizable, and individual techniques can be added, omitted, and weighted in each round of your workouts.  All settings and options are saved in your personal workout library.  Fight Trainer is also ambidextrous. It uses the terms "lead" and "rear" instead of “left” and “right,” so you can even switch leads in the middle of a round without missing a step!  Though it can be used with a heavy bag and gloves, no special equipment is needed to get a great workout.

* Why it's great:
Until now, this type of training was either done with DVD's, CD's or video tapes, or with a personal trainer.  Fight Trainer is better than any DVD, CD or video tape, because it is not the same workout every time, and it is completely customizable to the individual's level, goals and needs.  While nothing beats having a personal trainer, Fight Trainer is much more practical and cost effective for everyday workouts.  Some of the combinations may be awkward, because they are randomly generated.  This is intentional, and beneficial… because real fighting is awkward.  Fight Trainer teaches you to be ready for anything, stay alert, and react quickly… not just practice the same pre-determined combinations of moves.

Fight Trainer Features:
+ Great for beginners and professional fighters alike
+ Comes with preset rounds and workouts, so you can get started right away
+ Ambidextrous, and not specific to any art or style
+ Full featured round timer with configurable preparation, round, rest, and warning periods
+ Fully customizable rounds and workouts of exercises and techniques
+ Fully customizable randomization of techniques and combos.
+ Never the same workout twice!
+ Personal Workout and Round Libraries
+ Ability to play music in the background
+ No special equipment needed