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■ Overview
This application is a FTP client tool.
You can download and browse document file on the FTP server.
Please use this application for document sharing in the school or in the enterprise.

■ Function
1) You can download the document on the FTP server.
2) You can view the document.
3) You can lock the document with password.
4) You can publish the document in a limited time.
5) You can convert a password for connect the FTP server.
(You can to a formal secret password of FTP server)
6) You can confirm document visually in whether the updated on the FTP server
7) You can update security information by long press the document on the FTP server.
* You can set the 3 information: "expiration date of the file", "print" , " transfer to another app".
For use these settings, You must be a user that has write permission.

* "expiration date of the file" is delete file after the date of the file when you launch the app.

* document types:
txt, pdf, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx, png, jpg, bmp, mov, m4v, mp4

* Notes
This application may view broken layout on the file of xls, doc, etc…
Because this application use the standard iOS document viewer(UIWebView).
Therefore , you should convert to PDF file from such as xls file, doc file.

■ Recommended OS version
iOS6.0 or more
※ Please try to update to iOS6.0 or more when the operation goes wrong in the previous version.