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Rainshine, a mood changer.

Feeling a little down, angry at something that’s happened? Take a minute or so to click on the Rainshine app and observe how you feel.

By the simple act of answering a few questions, inside your mind, you can often step back and take a more objective view of things.

Even better, if you’re feeling ok already, try the app for a short while. It’ll ask you a few questions which may just give you a boost.

After a while you’ll be able to instinctively ask yourself the same sort of questions, or simply stand back and observe your feelings. We hope you’ll grow out of Rainshine, but that you’ll find it invaluable while you continue to use it.

What Rainshine won’t do:

It won’t work on really big things. Sometimes things happen that we’d rather didn’t, sometimes we have to go through bad times.

It won’t take the place of any professional help or advice that you might need.

Think of Rainshine as just another choice, which you can quickly dip into if and when you feel like. Stand back, and by remembering a time when you felt better, or thinking of a time when you will feel better, you can sometimes bring those very feelings into the present.

How to use Rainshine

When you start the app you’ll be asked to click on an icon which is the closest to how you feel. Just take your pick, it’s a quick and easy choice.

Then you’ll get asked a few questions, to which there are no right or wrong answers. It’s best to see what comes into your mind, and take that as the best current answer. Work through the questions quietly in your mind. You might come up with words or just feelings, or even a quietness.

You can close the app at any point, or spend a few minutes more working on how you feel. You won’t have to write anything down, type anything in. It’s simple, quick and has some cool music and artwork.

We hope you’ll give it a try.