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MWC. Feng Shui Compass FREE

iPhone / iPad
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● ● ● ● ● Note ● ● ● ● ●
In order to properly solve the App crash problem, this version of App data had been changed significantly; and we apologize to some customers, if they are thinking all In-App Purchased compasses were gone after this update.

In fact, your purchased compasses are still available for free download.

All the In-App Purchase compasses are non-consumable, which is based Apple's standard cloud service. Even you use another iOS phone or remove and reinstall this App, as long as with the same Apple ID account to purchase over the compass that won’t cause you to be double charged.

Because this App never save the user's account and password, so it cannot directly know what compass user had purchased. So we would like customers to confirm the purchase, select buy again, then the dialog box will hint you have already purchased and you can downloaded again for free.

We also recommend you refer to the following URL, to know using iTunes to view your purchase history and order number for confirmation of your owned purchase rights:

● ● ● ● ● 請注意 ● ● ● ● ●
這次為了徹底解決閃退的問題,本軟體的改動幅度較大; 我們對於造成部分客戶困擾於App內購羅盤購買狀態被清除的誤解深感抱歉。


本軟體之所有的App內購羅盤皆屬於非消耗性商品,即使您換其他的iOS手機或刪除軟件,只要同Apple ID帳號購買過的羅盤皆不會在重新下載時重複扣款。這是蘋果的標準雲端服務機制。


為了維護您的權益, 建議您可參考下列網址,利用iTunes的查詢查看購物記錄和訂單號,來確認是否有重新消費的情形:

◆◆◆◆◆ The Mobile Feng Shui Compass for iPhone.

This App is designed for people who are in studying and applying theories of Chinese Feng Shui, which had been featured as below:

◆ Multi-touch gesture operations, which allow you to move, zoom and rotate the compass easily.
◆ The "Auto-Heading" means Automatic Compass Heading Mode" that automatically track the real-time compass orientation.
◆ The "Manual-Operating" means Manual Compass Operation Mode", similar to the operation in traditional Chinese Compass by aligning needle with the meridian.
◆ The "Meridian auto zoom-in" helps easier sighting when you are watching and operating the compass.
◆ Represent the great quality of Chinese Compass images and texts.
◆ The first compass App supports Auto-Text-Reversing feature, it is helpful for user can look up the compass details conveniently.
◆ Included a variety of Feng Shui Compasses sectarian essence.

◆ Now we're offering In-App purchase for eight kinds of Non-Consumable Feng Shui Compasses options. You only need to purchase once for each preferred compass! Afterward of your system upgrade or reinstallation this App, you still can re-download your purchased optional compasses for free.

◆ Included optional bright and dark compasses by In-App Purchase:
1. Combo Compass x 2
2. San-He Compass x 2
3. San-Yuan-Xuan-Kong Compass x 2
4. Stars Compass x 2

◆◆◆◆◆ Phone專用的風水羅盤軟體



◆ 支援多點觸控操作手勢,能夠方便地移動、縮放以及旋轉羅盤。
◆ 提供『自動盤轉模式』,可自動追蹤羅盤即時方位。
◆ 支援『手動盤轉模式』,近似於傳統羅盤磁針與子午線對齊的操作方式。
◆ 支援『天池自動放大功能』,操作時不費眼力。
◆ 呈現畫面精密工整的羅盤刻度與文字。
◆ 首創盤面自動反轉文字功能,有利於查看盤面座向的細節。
◆ 廣泛收錄各大風水宗派的羅盤精華。

◆ 本軟體內建兩個免費的風水羅盤之外, 特別提供八個非消耗性商品的羅盤選購項目。這表示每一個選購性的羅盤您只需付費一次! 未來即使您的系統更新或是重新安裝本軟體,都可以免費的重複下載。

◆ 內含In-App Purchase選購性之亮色與暗色羅盤:
1. 綜合風水羅盤 x 2
2. 三合風水羅盤 x 2
3. 三元玄空羅盤 x 2
4. 曜宿風水羅盤 (開禧、時憲、今曆宿度三合一) x 2

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