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Marco & the Tiny Brothers (English Extended Version)

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The popular interactive e-picture book app [Marco & the Tiny Brothers] is now available in both Japanese and English. New instruments have been added along with tons of fun, interactive content on every page.
Marco and the Tiny Brothers is an interactive e-book for iPad delivered to you by 4Dbooks.  

An interactive e-book is a completely new type of picture book that not only offers music and narrations, but responds to the reader's taps and shakes.  

The tiny brothers will move about on the pages alongside upbeat music and heartfelt narration. Each page is full of surprises waiting to be found! 

There once lived two very tiny brothers in an old guitar of a music shop. A circus troupe comes into town one day, but the ringleader's trumpet breaks and all of the animals go out of control! The mouse from the circus tent comes to ask for the instrument's repair, but the mischievous brothers' attempts to help only results in more trouble. Will the instrument ever be fixed? Will the circus be able to put on a great show? 

This e-book is originally written by Japanese. 
You can learn Japanese and English to listen the both language narrations.

The download is free. The trial version of the book unlocks up to page 10, and the rest can be read with purchase.