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Unit & Currency Converter

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Unit & Currency converter is designed for quick and easy use. Self-explaining interface helps you to get the conversion done quickly. It include currency converter, real estate price converter, area unit converter, mass unit converter, volume unit converter, temperature unit converter, length unit converter, speed unit converter, pressure unit converter, fuel economy unit converter, power unit converter, energy unit converter, torque unit converter and angle unit converter. It also include a handy calculator which can accept converted value as input and transfer calculated value back to unit converter.

‣ Currency converter supports 46 countries and areas, including U.S. dollar, European Euro, U.K. pound, Canadian dollar, Australian dollar, Chinese renminbi, Japanese yen, Taiwanese dollar, Hong Kong dollar, South Korean won, Singapore dollar, Russian rouble, Israeli new shekel, Swiss franc, U.A.E. dirham, Argentine peso, Brazilian real, Chilean peso, Colombian peso, Czech Republic koruna, Danish krone, Hungarian forint, Indonesian rupiah, Indian rupee, Icelandic krona, Jamaican dollar, Sri Lanka rupee, Moroccan dirham, Mexican peso, Malaysian ringgit, Norwegian krone, New Zealand dollar, Panamanian balboa, Peruvian new sol, Philippine peso, Pakistan rupee, Polish zloty, Romanian new leu, Swedish krona, Thai baht, Turkish new lira, Venezuelan bolivar fuer, Vietnamese dong, CFA franc, East Caribbean dollar and South African rand.

Currency rates data source is triple redundant. Currency rate is from Yahoo finance, Forex RSS feed of and bank of Canada.

‣ Real estate price converter supports conversion between U.S. dollar/ft.², European Euro/m², Canadian dollar/ft.², U.K. pound/ft.², Australian dollar/m², Chinese renminbi/m², Japanese yen/m², Taiwanese dollar/m² and Hong Kong dollar/ft.². The currency rates are real-time.

‣ Area unit converter supports acre, square foot, square meter, square inch, hectare, square yard, square centimeter, square millimeter, square kilometer and square mile.

‣ Mass unit converter supports pound, ounce, gram, kilogram, milligram, metric ton, short ton, long ton, grain, stone, quarter, hundredweight, troy ounce, troy pound and carat.

‣ Volume unit converter supports liter, milliliter, liquid gallon(US), liquid gallon(UK), fluid ounce(US), fluid ounce(UK), liquid pint(US), liquid pint(UK), liquid quart(US), liquid quart(UK), fluid dram(US), oil barrel(US), cubic meter, cubic centimeter, centiliter, cubic yard, cubic foot, cubic inch, acre-foot, dry barrel(US), liquid barrel(US), dry gallon(US), dry quart(US), dry pint(US), dry bushel(US), dry bushel(UK), teaspoon(US), tablespoon(US), cup(US), teaspoon(AU), tablespoon(AU), cup(AU), teaspoon(CA), tablespoon(CA) and cup(CA).

‣ Temperature unit converter supports Celsius, Fahrenheit and Kelvin.

‣ Length unit converter supports mile, kilometer, meter, foot, inch, yard, centimeter, millimeter, nautical mile, chain, furlong, micrometer, nanometer, picometer, angstrom, astronomical unit, light-year and parsec.

‣ Speed unit converter supports 5 speed units.

‣ Pressure unit converter supports 11 pressure units.

‣ Fuel economy unit converter supports 4 units.

‣ Power unit converter supports 11 power units.

‣ Energy unit converter supports 11 energy units.

‣ Torque unit converter supports 5 torque units.

‣ Angle unit converter supports 8 angle units.

‣ Calculator. Value can be transferred between calculator and unit converter using MS and MR. Calculated value from calculator (after "=" button pressed) is automatically transferred to unit converter. Converted value from unit converter is automatically transferred to calculator when calculator is in waiting for input state ("C" button pressed or not after "=" button pressed).

Besides all the functions listed above, it also includes search function which allow you to browse through all the units included in this app across the converters to fast locate the unit you're looking for.