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Learn Spanish: Little Blue Jackal - a bilingual animal classic with vocabulary games

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** High-quality learning tool to encourage both English and Spanish proficiency -
** Best iPad Apps - Famigo
** "A great app for kids to start on the path of learning a second language, or for kids already speaking Spanish." - KinderTown
** Level based approach suitable for wide range of readers. Utilises visual, auditory and kinaesthetic learning styles -
Learn beginner spanish words and sentences while reading a classic animal story.
Also includes 4 mini games - animated reading comprehension game, coloring pages to learn colors in spanish, matching spanish word game.

Interact with the pictures to find 140+ hidden word surprises. Play with the birds to learn conversational spanish or enjoy a true bilingual book and master 2 languages with one app.
Tap the words,phrases or sentences and hear them read aloud in Spanish and English

Little Blue Jackal is a classic animal story with a moral. Story created in collaboration with professional children's book authors and illustrators.

**"Stellar app!" -
** "Spanish language practice in a story that teaches an important lesson" - KinderTown
** "What I love about this app in particular are a couple unique features: the Parent/Child Comprehension activity, which promotes excellent discussion of the moral in either language, and the Sleep Mode" -
** English version Featured by Apple in What's Hot in iPad Books in the US App Store
** English version ranked #12 in iPad Books in the US App Store


- Level1 : Interact with the pictures to learn 50+ Spanish words
- Level2 : Play with the birdies Chirpy and Tweety and learn 25+ conversational Spanish phrases as the chat away.  Includes level 1
- Level 3:  This level transforms into a complete bilingual book. Read it in Spanish or English includes 700+ words. Includes level 1 and 2.
- Bilingual book :  Story can be read in both  Spanish and English
- Unlimited replay: Tap on the words,phrases or sentences and practice them in Spanish and English
- Attractive and engaging illustrations keeping kids in mind
- Level based approach suited well for anyone Beginners, Intermediate Spanish Learners as well as Advanced Spanish Learners or Native Speakers.
- Native spanish speaker wanting to learn English? Use this bilingual book to learn English instead.
- Kid friendly app, is free of ads, in app purchases as well as web links


-  Glossary:  Practice Spanish words using the Glossary tool.
-  Parent Child Activity:  Take a different perspective on the story with the Parent Child Comprehension activity, in Spanish and English
-  Animal Fun Facts:  Enjoy learning about animals in Spanish and English
-  Sleep Mode:  Enjoy listening to the story in Spanish or English without visuals

Recommended Ages: 1-3, 4-7, 8-10
Categories: Books, Classics, Reading

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