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Technical Analysis: Chartism I – Stock Market Investment

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Financial education has finally reached the IPAD / IPHONE. Do you want to learn to invest in the Stock Market? Feel free to buy our first course for only 9.99 Euros.

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Includes audio of more than two hours, more than 50 slides with which you will learn how to invest in the Stock Market in a simple way, without complications. You may see the course as many times as you want until fully understand how to invest and do it successfully.

We offer an alternative. You will learn to manage your savings without having to ask for help to banks and brokers. You will be responsible for your investments.
And not only that, this course will increase your financial literacy. You may comment about the financial markets, a topic that is very fashionable, wherever you are.

In this course you will have the opportunity to meet one of the tools most commonly used for investing in the Stock Market: TECHNICAL ANALYSIS OR CHARTISM.
The objective of this course is to understand the different types of charts that exist and how to analyze them. To this end, you will study the most important tools such as trend lines, supports and resistances. In addition, emphasis will be made on managing the position and the ideal time to invest.
A proper analysis of trend lines will determine where the market is going. Furthermore, the interpretation of the trading volume enables us to anticipate what will be the next move and the price objective.
The Technical Analysis will help you to preserve your capital, a basic principle of Trading, through a proper Stop Loss policy.


CHAPTER I: Introduction to Technical Analysis: Chartism
-Technical Analysis scheme. Component parts
-What is Graphical Analysis?
-Principles in which Technical Analysis is based
-Securities discount everything
-Prices are moved by trends
-History repeats itself
-The purpose of Technical Analysis
-Technical Analysis versus Fundamental Analysis
-Criticism to Technical Analysis
-Random Walk Theory
-Technical Analysis time dimension
-Dow Theory

CHAPTER II: Trend lines, supports and resistances
-Chart types
-Line chart
-Bar chart
-What are trends?
-Trends classification
-Supports and resistances
-Trends valuation
-Supports and resistances valuation
-How to determine the break of key levels?
-What are channels?

CHAPTER III: Trading with Trend lines, supports and resistances.
-Trading types
-What is a Stop Loss?
-Stop Loss types
-Static Stop Loss
-Dynamic Loss
-How to trade with trends?
-Trading ALONG trends
-Trading AGAINST trends
-PRICE breaks in the trend line
-TIME breaks in the trend line
-How to trade with supports and resistances?
-Trading when a Support or Resistance is broken
-Trading when turning over a Support or Resistance