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Reptile Calculator

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Ever wondered what the outcome would be if you paired a Rainwater Albino Leopard Gecko with a Black Pearl, or a Lavender Western Hognose with a Pink Pastel? If so, then Reptile Calculator is the tool for you. Our genetics software enables reptile breeders and enthusiast alike to see the results of combining any number of recessive, co-dominant or dominant reptile traits.

Our current genetic libraries include

• African Fat Tails
• Corn Snakes
• Leopard Geckos
• Western Hognose

Calculator Features:

• View the genetic outcomes of a variety of reptile pairings
• Calculate the results of combining Recessive, Dominant or Co-Dominant morph genes (line-bred morphs are incalculable)
• Use the simple drop-down menu to quickly select a morph for straightforward genetic calculations
• Switch species with ease in just a few presses

Bonus Features

• Access to all high-quality photos of your selected morph where available
• Detailed genetic information about popular morphs and morph combinations
• Use Reptile Calculator to improve and simplify the breeding project planning process
• Online customer support and troubleshooting from our team of developers

Please Note:
Should you experience any difficulties when using the Reptile Calculator software, we recommend that you contact our support team for assistance: