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Make Japanese Short Sentences & Know New Words

iPhone / iPad
  • Education
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If you are a beginner at Japanese, you may find it difficult to make sentences, especially when using particles such as ga, wa, ni, wo, etc.This app was created to help you learn which particles go with which verbs.

How many spare minutes do you have in your day?

Busy adults don't always have the time to devote to learning that full-time students do. There are several methods using visual and auditory stimuli that can aid in your learning, but these are not always handy tools that you can carry with you. This app is and it is effective enough to use in your spare time.

Making short sentences many times is the first step and is essential to speaking. Even if you know a lot of words, you can't carry on a conversation without the practice of "using" words you've already known. Knowing and Being able to use are completely different.

This material is designed for "Singer's Japanese Class" located on a US Navy base in Yokosuka, Japan. We only hold class once a week, which is not enough time to learn new words and remember them, as well as have practice. Students need to spend time learning by themselves if they really want to communicate with native Japanese people.

We hope you will enjoy learning with this app and speaking with Japanese people!!!

1: Push start button on opening view. Then main view will show up.
2: Push red button to proceed. Follow the direction which is shown at the top bar.
3: If you want to know the pronunciation, tap the word and you will hear the audio.

1: If you want to choose specific predicates to practice, push "Select Situation" button on opening view.
2: Choose which predicate you want to practice. Then main view will show up. From here, use same directions as Complete Shuffle Mode.