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Audio Drug

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Audio drugs — perfectly legal and do not cause addiction.
Negative effect for the body is not fixed.

Binaural Effect - Increases the ability of learning.
It improves memory, physical and mental well-being.
Evokes a feeling of happiness.

Used for:
• treatment of disease;
• the definition of damaged areas in the brain;
• relaxation and "fast breaks";
• meditation.

Binaural beats - an artifact of the brain controlled the sounds of music, which the brain perceives, although there are no audible sound.
The effect of binaural beats was discovered in 1839 by Heinrich Wilhelm Dofe (German: Heinrich Wilhelm Dove).
To observe the binaural beats, it is enough to wear stereo headphones in which the different signals are fed ears, slightly different frequency, the difference signals of the brain perceives as a natural low-frequency beats.
To ensure that such beats were heard, their frequency should be between 1.000 and 1.500 Hz, and the difference frequencies below 30 Hz.
For most people hear the difference in frequencies of two separate tones and beats do not occur.
In addition, binaural beats affect the brain, causing a wave in it, which may be registered by electroencephalography.
Theory of binaural beats based on the fact that if in any way to act on the brain signal at a certain frequency, this signal will come into resonance with a corresponding rhythm mogza that will strengthen the respective states of consciousness.
Due to this effect have been developed in the laboratories of audio files that mimic certain conditions, including drugs.

In this application available to you:
— Marijuana
— Peyote
— Cocaine
— Amphetamine
— Morphine
— Opium
And other ;)

To achieve the desired effect it is necessary to listen to audio drugs:
A. In stereo headphones.
B. In silence.
C. In the evening.

Attention! Not recommended for people with mental illness, it can lead to a state of anxiety and aggravation of diseases!