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Moozi Maj Lite

iPhone / iPad
  • Music
  • Education
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Learn to Read and Play music in 10 minutes.
Sorry, say that again.


It is a new revolutionary concept, not just an app.

This is a trial/lite version of Moozi Maj Pro.

Music teachers, Professors of music, Doctors of music and students are AMAZED at this new idea, now anybody can Read and Play music.
After spending sometime with this app you will be able to play thousands and thousands of printed pieces of music, NO JOKE!
Look at the screenshots below and you will see how easy it is. Ask any musician you know if they have every seen anything so easy as this. You can also check out demo videos etc on our website:

MooWay Music Ltd started developing this idea in 2010 and have been trying it out in local schools, using specially built prototypes (Commissioned to promote music education)
Even 3 year olds are able to Read and Play music. Now there's an app for that with 3 different zones. One for learning the notes, one for practicing the tunes and then a game where you play along to backing tracks, with points and lives. Zone 3 has levels that are locked until you get 100% on the level before. Very addictive!
Beautiful arrangements of well known tunes.
The "Moozi Maj" can be used as a virtual musical instrument in its own right.
It's not a Piano app, or a Guitar app, it's the Moozi Maj app.
You can also use the Moozi Maj as a tool to help you understand written music (keeping in time, durations, sharps, lines and spaces on the stave etc) and then play it on your own instrument of choice (Sax, Guitar, Clarinet etc). Music teachers have found this very helpful in their teaching.
This app is for:

Any beginner who wants to be able to Read and Play music.
Ideal for singers who don't usually read music.
Established musicians who can't read music.
Anyone who has always wanted to play an instrument.
Music teachers, as a teaching aid.
Any age from 3 to 103 (or beyond!)

When you start to learn music on any other instrument, there are three main things to do.
1. Remember what the lines and spaces are called on the stave.
2. Remember where those notes are on your instrument (where your fingers go etc)
3. Try to produce and make a decent sound on the instrument.

The Moozi Maj eliminates all of these obstacles.

Use the MooWay concept on the new virtual instrument, the "Moozi Maj"

Good luck on your musical journey and I hope to hear from you very soon on how well you are doing.
Lets turn music education on its head! (Just look at the logo!)

Paul Sheridan (MD) MooWay Music Ltd