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Bible Dipping Lite

iPhone / iPad
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Bible Dipping is the practice of seeking the guidance and understanding of the bible through a random perusal of the words within. Instead of just reading the good book, a "Bible Dip" allows you to experience the variety of the bible by presenting a small group of related verses together as It brings a focus to a passage that is not typically present during a long reading.

Bible Dipping is a good activity to do with friends and family to share the verses, inspiration, and guidance which then can be openly discussed, and spiritual insights from the passage shared. Bible Dipping is also a good way to explore and discover the whole of the Bible on your own, without having it selectively presented only in portions to you and allowing you to "interpret" those portions for yourself.

With Bible Dipping Lite, by lightly shaking the unit or tapping the "Dip" button, will display a random bible card composed of several verses along with reading it aloud. You can also eMail the card to friends and family to share the word and notes of your inspiration.

Usage Instructions: Bible Dipping is a one card draw reader as by lightly shaking the unit or tapping the draw button (labeled "Dip") beneath the cover card it will draw a card from the deck and display it along with reading the verses aloud. Also, tapping the Save button will save the current card image to the camera roll where it can be used for wallpaper or e-mailed to friends. Tapping the info icon will bring you to this about page, as well as tapping the Mail icon will allow you to share the card by e-mail.