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Find My Missing Numbers

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Optimised for the iPad retina screen, this App is designed for children aged 2+. A fun way to identify missing numbers on a number line and to reinforce the order of numbers. Number lines cover the range 1 – 10 and 11 – 20 as well as a random range of 10 numbers. There are three challenges:

Challenge 1 - Find the missing numbers presented in the range 1 – 10 on the number line.

Challenge 2 - Find the missing numbers presented in the range of 11 – 20 on the number line.

Challenge 3 - Find the missing numbers within a random range of 10 numbers, set between 2 and 20.

The App is intuitive to use - when prompted tap the target number location. After initial learning with an adult, children can then progress to independent learning.

Change settings to increase the level of difficulty and tailor the challenges to the child's current stage of learning. For each challenge, the level of difficulty set will determine the range of the missing numbers presented. The easier level has 1 or 2 missing numbers, the harder level 5 or 6.

Set an auto-correct function, personalise with a child's name, share snapshots or send by email as an attachment. A parent gate is incorporated for access to email and the Internet.